Venezuela, Megadiverse

Located in the northernmost part of South America, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has a privileged geography and physiography, with high orographic, climatic and therefore...
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Ecuador has a total area of 283,520 km2 (109,468 sq mi), including the Galápagos Islands. Of this, 283,520 km2 (109,468 sq mi) is land and...
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Costa Rica

The Wildlife of Costa Rica comprises all naturally occurring animals, fungi and plants that reside in this Central American country. Costa Rica supports an enormous...
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Colombia is one of the megadiverse countries in biodiversity, ranking first in bird species. As for plants, the country has between 40,000 and 45,000 plant...
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Even though progress has been made in conserving Brazil’s landscapes, the country still faces serious threats due to its historical land use. Amazonian forests substantially...
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Bolivia is a country blessed geographically by a surprising variety of landscapes and climates, from majestic peaks, high altitude deserts, lush jungles and savannas of...
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